Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Urban Ballerina collection by Sephora

OMG, I cannot wait to get to Paris so I can get to a Sephora! They have released a new collection of nail polishes and they're all so gorgeous!

Urban Ballerina Nail Polish Collection

Although I love all the shades (with the exception of The Way TuTu His Heart), the ones I want most desperately are Shiny Dancer and Let's Plie. Leotard Optional and Who's Spinning Tonight are also fabulous, but I already own similar shades, and Break A Leg-Warmer looks like Shiny Dance, but without the shimmer, so less fun.

Why would you release such gorgeous colors when I am in a country with none of your stores? Why, Sephora, why?

Ok, rant over. Getting back to my Chaucer paper now lol.


lizf127 said...

There are no sephoras in london?? that's crazy! there are some in prague, though!

Emily said...

Ooooh, I may have to head over to Sephora at some point while I'm there. And yeah, there are no Sephora stores anywhere in the UK. It sucks, except that I'd probably be tempted to spend waaaay too much money if we had any :)