Sunday, January 30, 2011

Neon, Greenwich, and Upcoming Trips!

Hey everyone!
Sorry it's been so long. I've been crazy busy, and since I have a paper due on Friday, I'm not likely to post anything more for at least a week. So, here is the quick recap of what I've been doing (aside from schoolwork) for the past week and a half.

So, this term I decided to do more of the Give it a Go events, which are meant for Freshers, but are mostly used by affiliates this term. One of them was to get into Club Neon for an all-student event. Club Neon is a club night at this bar called Heaven. There are tons of UV lights and the employees walk around with neon paint to put on your face. People show up in crazy outfits and dance all night. It's fantastic! And, although you can't get the full awesomeness of my outfit or my face painting, here's a photo of me from Club Neon.

2. Greenwich
Another Give it a Go event was the tour to Greenwich that I went on this morning. It was freezing out and, because the tube where we were meeting was closed, I had to wander for about 15-20 minutes from another tube stop to find the meeting place. However, I wanted to see Greenwich, so I sucked it up and went anyway. It ended up being a really great tour! I got to see the prime meridian, and the former location of Greenwich Palace, which is where Henry VIII liked to stay with his court. I also stood on the field where Anne Boleyn was arrested, back when it was used as a jousting arena. Our tour guide was great, and kept the tour moving since it was so cold, so I think it ended up being a bit shorter than it's normally supposed to be. I had no issues with that. I cannot wait for it be summer. I think I've forgotten what it feels like to be warm outside. Although, I have to add, we could see the sun today! It was out for awhile in Greenwich! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but here in London we haven't seen the sun for weeks, so seeing it was wonderful lol. And a few pictures from Greenwich!
Standing in the former location of Greenwich Palace

At the prime meridian. I'm in two hemispheres at once!

3. Upcoming Trips
So, another thing I decided to do this term is to travel more. I am well on my way to achieving that goal. First up are my trips during Reading Week. I'll be spending the first half of the week in Prague, visiting Lizzy! (Read her blog at Elizabeth in Prague) Then, for the second half of the week, I'll be in Paris celebrating my 21st birthday with a few friends. In March, the greatest brother in the entire world will be visiting me here in London :) He wants to visit Scotland, so we'll be spending two day in Edinburgh. At some point, I also need to plan trips for the entire month of April that I have off. Yes, their spring break is seriously a month long. So, any opinions on where I should go for that month are totally welcome!

Well, back to paper writing.

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