Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's so quiet...

Here in the UK, we are on break until May. Yes, in the middle of the school year, British students get an entire month of to study for finals. And then they get a month and a half to take their finals. And they complain that they just don't have enough time to study. I try to put things in perspective for them when I can, telling them about the fact that at Tulane, our study break is two days over the weekend, and we then have 8 days in which to take 4-6 finals. They usually come back with "but our exams are 3 hours", to which I reply "ours are 4 hours" and smile. At that point, they have no response and, hopefully, realize how generous (if a little absurd) their study time is.

So, because we're on break, most of the UK kids have gone home, which means that my dorm is suddenly very, very empty. It's kind of weird how quiet it is. I actually like it, since there's no one running up and down the halls screaming at 3 in the morning, but it's a little strange to be able to walk through an entire dorm and not see another person. Breakfast and dinner are really quiet and empty now, too, and will get even more so once the affiliates start traveling. Basically, the point of this post is that it is just really, really quiet around here. Not going to lie, it's a little creepy.

In other news, only 10 days left until I go to Paris to see my mom and grandma! We'll also be celebrating Mothers Day while I'm there. In the UK, Mothers Day is on April 3, but in the US it's on May 5. So, since I won't see my mom for either one, we're moving it! Mother's Day will now be taking place on April 8. I am so excited for this trip to Paris, and especially to see Versailles! It's my favorite place in Paris, and one of my favorite places in the world.

That's all for now. I need to get back to studying. Love and miss you all!

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ckolf said...

Can't wait to see you in Paris!
Love you