Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How I Spent my Sunday Night

Alright, I know this has taken me a long time to post, but I kind of forgot about posting it until now.

So, I met this guy, Zubair (Zab)at a club last Friday and ended up dancing with him for about 4 hours. We exchanged phone numbers and made a date for Sunday night. I had an escape plan in case it turned out that he was super creepy. My friend Susey texted me at 9:30 telling me that she needed help, so I could say I needed to go if need be. Fortunately, it turned out that I didn't need to use that.

We met at the Camden Town tube station at 8PM and went to a Chinese restaurant. It was a really confusing place and it took us awhile to figure out how to order, but that was alright because it gave us some time to talk. He is a 24-year-old grad student at Metropolitan studying finance and accounting, although his real interest is in IT. He was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there through most of grammar school, then moved to India for 10 years. He now lives and studies in London.

This may seem off topic, but I promise it ties back in. Apparently someone felt that it was a good idea to bring their dog into the restaurant and let it off its leash, so towards the end of our meal, a dog suddenly jumped up and put his paws on our table, trying to get at our food. It was hysterical and we both ended up laughing about it for about the next hour. Afterward, I decided that the situation was actually a really good way to judge his character, as he could have easily freaked out. instead, he found it just as funny as I did.

After dinner, we found a pub and got some beers. However, the pub closed really early (around 11:30), which was very weird, so we left and then he asked if I'd be interested in going to his favorite bar, which is located in Covent Garden. Of course, I said sure, since I hadn't been to Covent Garden and I wasn't quite ready for the date to end, so we took the tube out there. It turns out that the last Sunday night of every month is a Flair Competition. In case you don't know, Flair is the really crazy bartending tricks, where they flip bottles in the air and juggle glasses, etc... So we ended up getting to watch almost the entire competition (except for the one guy who went before we got there) and it was amazing!We also danced a bit, obviously.

We ended up leaving around 2 in the morning, and making our way back to my dorm, which was a feat in and of itself, as I have the worst sense of direction known to man. We kissed, and I went into my dorm while he went home.

We're seeing each other again tomorrow night (going to Brick Lane for some Indian food; everyone keeps telling me it's amazing), so there will definitely be updates then!

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Aaron said...

Uh oh! Juicy times in London for Emm!