Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Denmark Part III: Friday night and Leaving

And here we are, finally at the end of my trilogy of Denmark. Are you excited? Because you totally should be.

Ok, so I promised that we would start with the trip to the club. It seemed that the most popular club in Copenhagen was this place called rust/ (yes, that's actually how it's spelled, lowercase and with a slash). On our way out of the hostel, the manager saw us leaving and asked where we were going. We told him, although we were a little confused as to why he wanted to know, and then he shocked us by saying "Oh, I know the manager. Let me get you some free entry tickets." And he proceeded to go to the front desk and pull out some tickets for us. Awesome! We thanked him, and then were on our way into the city.

Once we got there, we realized that there were A LOT of Americans at the club, and that it was a crazy long line, and that a lot of those kids apparently didn't go out very much, because they didn't really seem to understand how clubs worked. Anyway, we got in line and waited. It took awhile, but we have definitely waited longer to get in to a club. So we got through the line, got our free entry, and went down to the coat check, where we handed our coats to the most gorgeous Danish boy I've ever seen.

We then got a drink and forced our way onto the dance floor. It was all techno music, so it took us awhile to figure out how to actually dance to it, but after we got it figured out, it was so much fun! Once all the drunk American college students left to get more drinks, the dance floor got way better and stayed that way pretty much until we left. It ended up being a really great night, and we didn't get back to the hostel until about 5am.

The next day, we slept in until about noon, as we were exhausted (obviously), and didn't have any real plans for the day. At noon, we got up, folded our sheets and packed up our bags. We then went downstairs, left our bags in the luggage area, and went out to the city for the last time. When we got there, we realized that they had started setting up the artist trees in preparation for Christmas. I had known that they would be going up soon, but I thought it was going to happen after we left, so needless to say I was really excited to actually be able to see them. Here you can see a picture of half of the trees and me in front of my favorite tree :)

Pictures of most of the trees are on my facebook page. There were some really neat ones, like one that was set up at a hospital for kids to decorate and one covered in $1 bills, yes American dollars. We also decided to do a little shopping that day on Stroget street, which is the major shopping street in Copenhagen, and I discovered that I am two sizes smaller than I thought I was, which is fabulous!! Although, of course, it means that I have a bit of a shopping trip to make when I get home, since pretty much everything I own is now too big.

And then it was time for us to leave. The trip back to London went ridiculously smoothly considering the hassle we had getting to Denmark, until the last leg of the trip, which was supposed to be the easiest. We took a shuttle bus from the airport to a tube station in central London. From there, I was supposed to get on the Victoria line and go 3 stops, straight back to my dorm. However, we failed to take into account the fact that we were getting in during the weekend, when the tube is notoriously unreliable, and so the Victoria line was completely closed. Instead, we had to get on the District line and go a couple of stops and then get on the Northern line and go a few more stops.

Now, a quick explanation about my dorm's location. I am pretty much right in the middle of two tube stops, Warren Street and Goodge Street. Warren street is very slightly closer, and so is generally the one I take, but to be totally honest, there's not much of a difference in distance. While we were on the Northern line, I was debating whether I should just get off at Goodge since we reached that stop first, but I decided to be lazy since Warren St. is slightly closer. Well, surprise surprise, we passed Goodge St. and they then announced that Warren St. was closed. So, I got off at the next stop, and went back in the other direction to Goodge St. and finally walked back to my dorm. Oh, the Underground. How I love you <3

All in all, it was an amazing trip and I am so glad that I went! I hope you have enjoyed the saga of my journey into Denmark. And now, I'll have to figure out something else to talk about lol.

The Princess

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Sounds like a wonderful trip! Thanks for the recap!
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