Monday, November 1, 2010


Oh wow, that was the best Halloween ever!

So, there was a lot of group changing that went on, as tickets sold out and for awhile one of my groups didn't have tickets, and then they got some, but we had already decided to go with other people, and then most of the first group backed out, so I invited them to come with the second group, but then not everyone was going to be ready at the same time, etc etc...

Anyway, Zab came over to my dorm around 6pm with a few drinks and we hung out for a couple of hours until Molly came over and we all needed to get ready. First on the list of things to do- fit Zab's fangs. Now, when I went to the costume shop and asked for fangs, I was expecting (as were Molly and Zab when I told them the plan) to get those cheap plastic teeth that just go over all of your teeth. No. What I got were two very high quality fangs and plaster to custom fit them to Zab's canines. The plaster on the one tooth did not want to cooperate, but eventually we got them to fit and then Molly started in on his makeup while I made myself sparkly :)

Eventually, we were all ready. I was a fairy, Zab was a vampire, and Molly was a wind-up doll. Witness our cuteness! Plus a bonus photo of Zab and I together, since I know some of you have been dying to see one.

So, after getting ready, we made our way over to Astor college (another dorm) and met up with Jenny (of and another Tulane student) and some kids from her floor. Together, we all walked over to Koko, which is one of the most famous clubs in London and quite possibly my favorite place in the city. Once there, we got a few drinks and made our way to the dance floor. The music was a dj mix, which basically meant that they didn't play a full song, but just messed with bits of the song. It kind of got on my nerves, but at least I got to dance so it didn't matter that much. Eventually I ran across the other group of girls from my floor, as well as another girl from my dorm (though not my floor) and her group. It was an amazing night. There was so much energy and we danced just about the entire night.

Quick note, apparently vampire costumes were the thing to do this year. On Jenny's floor, pretty much everyone was some incarnation of a vampire and when we were at Koko, it didn't matter what outfit people were wearing, most everyone had fake drop dripping down their face. I totally could have been a vampire fairy lol! I kind of wish I'd done that, as it would have been easily my most ridiculous costume ever. 

Eventually, Zab and I left around 2:30 or 3, when the club was closing. I spent today sleeping in and recovering from last night. Fortunately, I have no classes until Thursday this week, so I can just hang out and relax. Oh yeah, and pack for my upcoming trip to COPENHAGEN!

So, that's it for now. If you want to see more of the few pictures I took on Halloween (all of the getting ready phase), you can go over to my facebook and check them out.

Much love!

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