Friday, January 21, 2011

How I Nearly Had Class in a Construction Zone

I'm trying to figure out the best way to go through everything that happened this week.  I think I'll just take it day-by-day and explain what happened each day. That'll probably make it easiest. Here we go!

Monday: This was the day of the first NGO Panel. It was a really interesting talk, detailing the different ways to get involved. I definitely need to go talk to the Volunteering Services Unit here at school. And, in the future, I could potentially look into, for volunteering opportunities past graduation. They gave us some advice on getting into the field, such as getting involved early, developing and marketing the skills that make you stand on, and knowing about the sector and the field that you want to get involved in. This was the last day that I felt reasonably well, which I will get into starting with...

Tuesday: So on Tuesday, I woke up with a horrible cough, sore throat, and a headache that wouldn't leave all day long. I had my first Chaucer seminar, in which the professor actually asked questions, which is not fun when your head hurts and you can't think :( I intended to go to a self defense class that night, but I just did not feel well and my headache came back any time I turned my head, so I decided just to stay in and try to get well.

Wednesday: Wednesday, I didn't feel a whole lot better, but I didn't have class, so that's good. As Wednesday is usually my laundry day, I packed up my clothes and headed down, only to find that every single washing machine was broken. Seriously. How does that even happen? Anyway, laundry day failed, so then I went to the talk on "so you want to be a relief worker?" which was kind of awesome and kind of discouraging. The big idea was that being a relief worker is a career and you have to look at it that way, not as something you do while waiting to get to a career, which is fine, but they were very clear about how difficult it is to break into the field and how much experience you need in other jobs before becoming a relief worker. So, that's still on the list of things to do, but I will need to find an actual job first so I can prepare myself for getting in to that field.
I then went to a talk on this service trip going on over spring break. It's going to Romania, and it sounds like they'll be doing some really cool things, but the group leaders seem like they don't really know what they're doing. They've never done this before and they're just hoping that not too many people sign up to go, which is a recipe for disaster in my mind. So, I think I'll be sitting this one out.

Thursday: I was definitely feeling better, thank god, just in time for my busiest day of the week. I had three classes and worked on my paper. There's not a whole lot else to say lol. Oh, I did actually get to the gym, after not going for a few days because of being sick. Stupid illness.

Friday: So, today, I finally got to do laundry, which means I now have clean clothes. Yay! I had one class today, my seminar for London in Literature. The class was supposed to be located in the Rockefeller building, the outside of which is currently under construction. Or, at least I thought it was just the outside. So, I walked in, and all around me are construction workers putting up plaster, dust everywhere, no lights. There was a guy at the front door directing people, who told me to just walk through the construction and then turn left. Pretty much the entire building looked like that. It was actually a little scary and I was very confused and disoriented. Then, we all get there and realize that UCL has double booked the room, so that my class ended up being moved to the faculty lounge of the English department. The class is on future London, so lots of dystopias, and it seems to be turning into a class on natural disasters. Yeah, not sure how that one happened. But it seems like it's going to be fun, so that's good.

Well, that was my week. I am now feeling much better, thankfully, so I can get on with my life. My paper that's due Monday is nearly done. I just need to write a conclusion paragraph and then I have a completed rough draft. Now it's time to start on Chaucer. I know, my life is so exciting, right?

Well, this upcoming week is really light at the moment, so I will update y'all once something interesting happens :)

All my love!

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