Thursday, May 12, 2011

Halfway There

I am officially halfway done with my exams. Exactly two weeks until my last exam, 15 days until I leave for Chicago, and 34 days until I'm back in New Orleans (and staying there for the foreseeable future!). Today was the 6-hour Chaucer exam. Yes, you heard that right. 6. Hours. Long. On the plus side, though, if you had told me a year ago that I would be able to analyze Chaucer in the original middle English, I never would have believed you. Granted, I still couldn't tell you WHY I would ever want to be able to do that, but that's not really the point now, is it?

So, here is just a sample of what I spent the last 6 hours doing. I kept the camera pretty far away since I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to put the exam online yet.

Just two exams left. I have Modern English Language in the morning, which means that as soon as I am done taking a break/eating dinner, I need to get back to studying. Hopefully, my brain will have resumed functioning by that point. And then, I have two weeks until my last exam, London in Literature. For now, though, I am going to wander around online and not think for a little bit :)

In other news, I finally managed to go on a Jack the Ripper tour last weekend! I've been attempting to go on one all year, and things kept getting in the way, but I finally made it happen. And it was pretty awesome. It was so cool to be in the same places where all of it happened. Yes, I know that's a little morbid, but I can't help being fascinated by it.

Alright, my brief period of functioning has just ended. I cannot think of anything else to write, so I'm just going to stop here. Have a great afternoon/night/whatever time of day it is where you are when you're reading this. I'm going to go read about pretty dresses and makeup and anything that doesn't require brainpower.


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