Saturday, October 9, 2010

Introducing Zab! Plus, my first week of classes.

First of all, I had date #3 with Zab last night and finally got a photo to show you all!  So here is the now famous Zab!

Yay! I hope y'all appreciate how difficult it was to get that photo. He thought it was funny to hold onto the camera and keep trying to take pictures of me so I couldn't take one of him (okay, so it was pretty funny. Still annoying, though!). So, onto other important subjects, such as the classes that I am taking here in London!

My first class, the only one I have on Mondays (or really any day other than Thursday) was London in Literature. It was a lecture, although it was the smallest of my three lecture classes. It took awhile to get used to the professor's accent, but after a few minutes, I could follow along fairly well, except for random words which are pronounced differently here. It wasn't the most exciting class, but it wasn't horrible.

Moving on, I had no more classes until Thursday. On Thursdays I have my other three weekly classes. At 10AM is Moderns 1. That was easily the most entertaining lecture I've had since getting here! The professor was American and was hysterical. He was enthusiastic and made tons of jokes, like the professors back at Tulane. It almost felt like going back home. After that, I met up with Molly and we went to get lunch at a pub. I got their classic cheeseburger, and it was actually delicious! The fries were soooooo good. They weren't as crunchy as I normally like, but they were really well seasoned and not too potato-y, for lack of a better word.

After lunch, we went to Chaucer. I'd rather not discuss that class. It was horribly boring, and felt like it went on for hours and hours and hours. After that, I went to the volunteering fair, where I found out that Women for Women International is starting a group on campus! They're an amazing organization, and I'll write another post about them later, probably on Monday after the introductory meeting. Then I had my Modern English Language seminar, which is my one non-literature class. It was so much fun. The teacher is really passionate about the subject and people were really involved in the discussion. I was shocked at how much we had to discuss, considering that the class is basically a grammar class. We got sidetracked onto a talk about differences between American and British syntax, included in which was the fact that Americans say "different than" rather than "different from" and that a British speaker would say "It is important that she should do that" whereas an American would probably say "It is important that she do that," or as I would actually say it "It is important she do that."

Since seminars last two hours, I wasn't done with class until 4. After that, I went back to my room, relaxed for a bit, and then met my friend Janna at the Hard Rock Cafe for drinks. So far, London is pretty awesome and overall, I'm happy with my classes. Now, I just need to figure out a way to get through Chaucer. Oh well!

Love y'all!

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