Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Day of Classes

Today was my first actual day as a UCL student. Of course, as students here only take four classes, that meant that I had one class, at 11 AM.

I showed up to the Anatomy building a little early, so that I could find my class (yes, I am aware that it's strange for my London in Literature class to take place in the Anatomy building). Thank god I did, because that is the strangest, most confusing building I've ever been in. You enter through what is essentially a back entrance, into the basement. It does not look like an academic building and I felt as though I had walked into a horror movie. Fortunately, there was a real UCL student down there getting on the elevator, and so she reassured me that indeed, I was in the right building, and that the building did get more normal once you went up a floor. Fortunately, she was right, and I eventually found my room, which was much smaller than I was expecting.

The lecture was alright. It took me a few minutes to get used to the lecturer's accent, so fortunately it was just an overview of the subject, and the class wasn't too intense. It went a little long, but then I was free for the day! Yay! I also found out one of my seminar sections, so I managed to buy a few more books for classes. Still waiting on one class.

Afterwards, I came back to my dorm, where I found out that Susey and Hannah were planning on going to St. Paul's Cathedral. Because of the strike on the tube, we ended up walking all the way there, and by the time we showed up, they had already admitted the last people for the day, and so we didn't actually get to go inside. But we got cute photos outside!

Standing in front of the Queen Anne statue outside of St. Paul's Cathedral

Once we realized that we weren't going to be able to go to the top of St. Paul's Cathedral, or even go inside, we changed our plan and decided to find the monument that was erected as a reminder of the Great Fire and the rebuilding of London. We managed to get there, after a little bit of confusing with street signs, and climbed the 311 steps to the top. It was a long, terrifying walk (made worse by the one time that I decided to look up to see how much further we had to go. Never do that, by the way), but eventually we made it to the top and got a great view of London.

So, on the to-do list for tomorrow, go to the introductory Fencing Club meeting (yes, I'm considering taking up fencing, don't even ask what I'm thinking), Volunteer Society meeting, and buy tickets for the UCL Garba. And get some work done on my first paper, due in exactly two weeks.

Love y'all!
Princess Emily

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Such awesome pictures!!!